Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, April 1970

You know the story. Yogi Bear was on his honeymoon with Grace Stafford when a woodpecker started making a noise on his cabin roof and....

Oh, wait. I’m thinking of Walter Lantz.

Well, maybe I’m not. Check out the Yogi Bear comic that appeared in newspapers on Sunday, April 5, 1970.

Maybe this comic was written by Dale Hale. Dale was one of the writers at Walter Lantz in the 1960s and came up with stories for Woody Woodpecker.

There’s something familiar in the comic the following weekend. Rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season!

You’re despicable, Boo Boo.

You’ll recall I wrote not long ago about Yogi not being a fighter and no one really wanting to punch him? Scratch that, judging by the April 19th comic. I’m presuming that’s Ranger Smith inside the punching bag. Why he’d be inside a punching bag, or why anyone else would be, I’m not sure. It’s nice to see a national park has its own psychiatrist.

Remember Henry Orbit on the Jetsons? The guy in the last panel of the April 26th comic must have been an ancestor. Mr. Ranger’s being cranky again; so what if Yogi’s a little hyperbolic?

As usual, you can click on any of the comics to make them bigger.


  1. Materials drawn by Gene Hazelton and Ed Benedict.
    Inked by Ed Nofziger.

  2. LOL! Mike Maltese must've ghost written the Boo-Boo-argues-with Yogi one! Just as Yowp sort of implied!