Sunday 18 April 2021

Flintstones Weekend Comics, November 1964

Betty Rubble got the short shrift in the Flintstones newspaper comic strips, even more so than the beloved Baby Puss. The cat wasn't a regular character on TV, though (ending animation notwithstanding). Betty was. She makes a quick one-panel appearance on the November 8th comic, one of five that month in 1964.

That's a lovely collection of animals in the final panel of the first comic below. We get the cliche of the cheapskate husband as well. November 8th we get the cliche of the bad woman driver. Fred's an ingenious cheapskate on November 15th. A fine perspective drawing concludes the November 22nd (with a little Dino way below) and continues his ingenuity (which doesn't make him a fortune) on the 29th.

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November 1st.

November 8th.

November 15th.

November 22nd.

November 29th.

Saturday 3 April 2021


Mr. Jinks may have been better on commercials than he was in the TV cartoons.

Here are some frames for a 60-second Kellogg’s Raisin Bran spot. I’m glad the plot is self-explanatory because I can’t find the original commercial (I downloaded it last June). But the over-confident Jinks is called on to do a live commercial for those golden flakes of bran. As soon as the camera is on, he loses his place on the teleprompter run by the meeces and bollixes the whole thing.

There’s a portion where he pulls down a projector screen and live action takes over for a bit.

Jinks even sings part of the Kellogg’s jingle (assisted by the meeces, whom he’s told to speed up the prompter), then defeatedly says hello to the viewers once again at the end.

Someone more well-versed in the matter can tell you who animated this.