Monday 20 March 2023

Flintstones Daily Comics, Dec. 1961, Pt. 2

The Flintstones daily comics for the last half of December 1961 were pretty much centred around Fred and Wilma. Pebbles hadn’t been invented, so she couldn’t be the focus of the gags. Barney enters into the picture four times, and we see Betty once. Dino just stands there as decoration in one strip. Dear old Baby Puss is ignored again.

This may be the one and only mention of a Diplodocus in connection with the Flintstones. Usually, those long-necked dinosaurs in the cartoons are brontos (as in burgers), but someone decided to strive for accuracy. On the other hand, Fran├žois is called “Franswah.” Maybe the correct spelling would have confused American readers.

Sam Echo looks to be a long-lost relative of Fred's.

As I mentioned before, someone else has these Flintstones dailies re-printed on their web site, so there’s no reason for me to duplicate it. Since I had clipped these, I figured I might as well post them. The place to find all of them is here.

Monday, December 16, 1961

December 17, 1961

December 18, 1961

December 19, 1961

December 20, 1961

December 21, 1961

Monday, December 23, 1961

December 24, 1961

December 26, 1961

December 27, 1961

December 28. 1961

December 29, 1961

Monday, December 31, 1961