Saturday, 27 April 2019

Ski Master Huck

“Watch ski master Huck try his luck,” Huckleberry Hound tells us at home watching a little-cartoon-before-the-cartoon. Note the pursed lips and the half-moon eyes.

Huck sees something. Now comes a head shake. What’s interesting is Huck is not animated in a two-drawing or three-drawing cycle like you’d find in a regular, seven-minute cartoon. As far as I can see, each of these are separate drawings, animated one per frame.

Huck’s elongated eye-stare reminds of an expression in a Mighty Mouse cartoon.

Huck crashes through a cabin without a scratch and relaxes as he gets set to enjoy a Huckleberry Hound cartoon.

The dialogue is unmistakably by Charlie Shows, the animation has some of the earmarks of Carlo Vinci.


  1. super ! love the attention to detail. these bits i remember from watching the show as a kid ( in black & white of course ). keep the good stuff coming-it's being appreciated on the lower east side believe me !

  2. Why are the bumpers so much more fully animated than the regular cartoons?

    1. It only seems to have been like that for one season. I have later ones that move exactly like the cartoons.
      Maybe it's because they were intended to be seen more often, or they were budgeted higher. I honestly don't know.

    2. Maybe because they were shorter than the show's episodes proper.

  3. I like the colors and the simplicity of the background.
    Sadly Huckleberry Hound was never shown on tv in my Country.