Sunday 13 March 2022

Glowing Huck

There’s an interesting effect Hanna-Barbera used in the Yogi Bear cartoon “Space Bear” (1959) that was also seen at the end of “Spud Dud” (1960), the first Huckleberry Hound cartoon of the third season.

This is the one with the megalomaniac potato that tries to take over the Earth. Huck traps him in a “spud-nik” that orbits the planet. Our hero advises us the potato is in a dangerous situation because the rocket could explode. Suddenly, a blast sound effect and black and white cards appear on the screen to simulate an explosion. This kind of thing was done in theatrical cartoons, too.

This is followed by a glowing effect, kind of like a glazing. There are several different versions of brightness; here are three of them.

As I’m not a cartoon director nor a cameraman, I don’t know if they opened up the aperture to allow more light in or used an airbrush to make this visual effect. I believe this was the final time the studio tried this.