Saturday, 28 October 2017

You'd Rather Have the Real Thing, Fellas?

Three different expressions from Huckleberry Hound at the start of one of those little cartoons-between-the-cartoons on his show. You can’t tell from the stills but in this scene, Huck moves his head and body a fair bit, certainly more than in the actual cartoons.

Pixie and Dixie have some good expressions. Here’s one after the kick from firing the rifle knocks Dixie to the ground.

The meeces win a Mr. Jinks doll. They aren’t happy.

Jinks pops up. “Uh, you’d rather have the real thing fellas?” Look at the eyes in the second frame.

The meeces scram. Jinks laughs. I counted 16 different head positions on Jinksie after the meeces leave to the fade out a few seconds later.

It must be time for a Pixie and Dixie cartoon.


  1. Too bad the actual cartoons weren't animated the way the interstitials and commercials were...

  2. Love the in-betweens. It was fun seeing the characters from different cartoons interact. When Boomerang still showed HB occasionally they would be there. I have a couple saved on my DVR. Plus you used to be able to find some of them on You Tube. Not sure if they are still there.

  3. I first saw these on the Huck Hound DVD sets. It was the recreated episodes part. It said it's time for Pixie and Dixie but then a Yogi Bear short plays. Weird.

  4. It was possible to put more effort in the animation for the short segments, as well as the openings and closings. The commercials also had more "medium" to nearly "full" tilt animation since the budgets were higher.

  5. These interstitial segments were fully animated because they were designed for heavy repeat usage in the original HH show. The "shooting gallery" segment was animated by Don Williams.

    1. Thanks, Mark. I should have guessed from Jinks' eyes. There's an Augie Doggie cartoon where he draws those almond-like shapes when they're closed or half-closed.