Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, October 1967

Head Ranger, Ranger General, Obese Ranger, Ranger Smith. Jellystone Park wasn’t loaded for bear. It was loaded with rangers in the weekend comics 50 years ago this month. In fact, Boo Boo makes only one appearance in the five comics of October 1967.

In the October 1st comic, the head ranger from Washington, D.C. decide to visit Jellystone. Naturally, Ranger Smith doesn’t call on any of his staff to get things ready. He gets a bear he’s not all that happy with to do it.

Friendly Yogi gets revenge on a nasty ranger in the October 8th comic. I like how the ZIP is sideways and how the obese ranger has multiple heads as he looks around; just like an in-between in animation.

We’ve got a silhouette drawing in the middle row of the October 15th comic. Yogi hears a rip and enquires “Rip?!” That makes sense, I suppose. Ranger Smith isn’t in this comic; this errant football tossing is dealt with by the Ranger General. I didn’t realise footballs made noises like “Thop” and “Zap.”

Ranger Smith’s kid damages the house? Maybe it’s not the babysitter that’s the problem, Mrs. Ranger. Yogi doesn’t rhyme at all in the October 22nd comic. Again, nice expressions in the punch-line panel.

A doctor taking a rifle to Yogi?! Yeah, it’s a pun on “shot,” but I think Doc had better prescribe himself some relaxants. Or maybe take a calming walk in the woods. I like how Yogi goes to see a human doctor. I guess the bear’s annoyed with the doc (rightfully) calling him flabby and decides to play a gag in this October 29th comic.

Richard Holliss again supplied the colour comics from his collection.

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  1. These materials were drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg.