Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Flintstones Weekend Comics, October 1967

It’s the far-out, groovin’ 60s, man, and that means sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Okay, no drugs. And not really any sex, either, in the Flintstones weekend newspaper comics 50 years ago this month. Though it seems like that Annie’s a swingin’ chick. She’s got two boy-friends! Ya dig?

Man, that Fred’s uptight about long hair. “Make a man out of him?!” Hey, chill, man. Look at Wilma rolling her eyes at her old man in the October 1st comic. Right on! Peace out! What? They got their hair tangled up? Bummer.

You know, I grew up in the ‘60s and I swear people actually did talk like that. And when I was in Grade 6, one of the guys in the Grade 7 class got sent home from school because his hair was over his ears.

We get Pops for two weeks in a row, starting October 8th. Nice golf togs, Barney. Arnold Palmstone?! That’s not even a pun. How about Chi Chi Rockriguez?

The multiples of Fred in the middle panel, last row, are pretty nice. So is that final panel. It’s a shame the scan of the October 15th comic is so poor. I like how there are different perspectives on Fred and Wilma in the car. The name “Tom Gaukel” is a puzzler. It’s not the usual “rock”/”stone” addition to a regular name. I wonder if he was a friend of whomever wrote this comic.

Earlier this month, Annie was Wilma’s niece. In the October 22nd comic, she’s Fred’s niece. Make up your mind, writers. Anyway, she’s got a different boyfriend now with a tortoise shell as hood and engine compartment of a car. Nice of the one cop in the final row to basically call Fred a pervert.

Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney get to be in the same panel twice on October 29th. Again, sorry for the poor scan.

You can click on any of the comics to make them bigger. Richard Holliss supplied the colour ones again this month.


  1. "Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney get to be in the same panel twice on October 29th."

    Actually, they're in the same panel 3 times, one in each tier. Granted, in the middle one Fred is only partially visible but it's still him. The October 29 strip is kind of a throwback to the pre-children and pre-Pops days.

    Annie looks a bit like Ann-Margrock.

  2. Does Annie drive like Jane Jetson X)LOL.

  3. Maybe that driving instructor that had bad experiences with women drivers according to The Jetsons could have a cameo in Family Guy.

    1. Family Guy doesn't discriminate against women drivers...only asian drivers.

  4. Has anyone seen the “Dickie Duck” character in the current UNCLE SCROOGE comic books?

    She was created in the Italian Disney comics way back in 1966, but did not debut in the USA until 2016 (…when this “teenager” would have had her 50th anniversary). In one of those great comics coincidences, “Dickie” seems to fulfill the same 1960s groovy-teen function that “Annie” was created to fill in the FLINTSTONES comic strip -- but, oddly, not the FLINTSTONES comic BOOK!

    That special place was reserved for a character named Rodney Rocktop, who comic book readers initially saw as a kid, and grow up into a beatnik hipster.

    …Funny how those things happen!