Thursday, 3 November 2016

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, November 1966

Being the month of American Thanksgiving, it shouldn’t be surprising Yogi Bear has two turkey feasts in his weekend newspaper comics 50 years ago this month.

Richard Holliss supplied the tabloid format colour comics from his personal collection. We had to fiddle with the black-and-white one to get panels and dialogue you can read.

That opening panel in the November 6th comic is awfully plain. The gag is a variation of the old “wife-can’t-cook” routine. Note the duck appears in the second row, helping to set up the gag.

Ah, the colonel who owns a circus and the moustachioed circus master! Not a cloud in the sky in the November 13th comic. A very nice trotting giraffe and toddling elephant in the top row.

“We smoke-um peace pipe”?! Native American stereotypes return in November 20th comic. Yogi is smarter-than-the-average in this story. I like the silhouette panel in the bottom row.

It’d be funny if the November 27th comic was inspired by Joe Barbera, Alan Dinehart or one of the recording engineers dropping a reel of newly-recorded dialogue. Take my word for it; those things can roll if you drop one. Fortunately, perhaps, everything is digital today so this whole story would be obsolete. Yogi’s writer rhymes “fur” and “sir.” And Jellystone Park, for reasons I still don’t understand, has a “general” in charge.

Click on any of the comics to enlarge them.

All of next month’s Yogis are in colour. The Christmas comic is particularly nice, but you’ll have to wait for it.


  1. These materials featured here were drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg.

  2. Yogi does his rhyming
    with impeccable timing!

    He ditches Cindy's cooking
    while she's not looking!

    He's willing (or maybe unwilling?)to give his all
    to be a live cannonball!

    He skips the peace pipe before the feast
    But brings the appetite of a beast!

    He heaves a sigh
    to see the Ranger cry
    Although losing the Ranger's tape reel
    Does not seem to him a big deal!

    Thanks for sharing!
    I look forward to more Yogi Bear-ing!

  3. Well, look how the air got windy
    when Yogi took Yowp's advice and went,ran
    and ditched Cindy.