Thursday, 24 November 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, November 1966

The concept behind The Flintstones was to create a modern Stone Age family; in other words, to adapt the world of today to Prehistoric Times. The series got pretty clever at times doing it. And so does whoever wrote the Flintstones’ newspaper comic of November 13, 1966.

It’s kind of an obverse of Tex Avery’s animated cartoon “Car of Tomorrow.” The writer takes car concepts of the 1960s and imagines what they would be like in the Stone Age. I really like it. And when I was able to post the Flintstone daily strips, I pointed out the continual “What will they think of next?” punch line. It’s brought back here, with a chance for readers to send in their own ideas.

The rest of the comics published 50 years ago this month deal with gossipy women, know-it-all husbands and Pebbles once again trying to tag along with older kids in the neighbourhood. Click on any comic to enlarge it.

Richard Holliss supplied the only colour one available this month.

November 6, 1966.

November 13, 1966.

November 20, 1966

November 27, 1966.


  1. We also get a Season 2 callback to the character design of J. Montague Gypsum in the auto show panels from Nov. 13. Nice to see Monty's found an honest line of work (if you can call going from professional moocher to car dealer a step up on the honesty scale...)

    1. Okay, I saw the you]re's the first black and white one strip...Monty actually debuted wot a different name as a film director in Season 1's "Monster from the Tar Pits....:)