Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rough Drawings and Other Stuff

You want to see drawings of Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss and Top Cat, right? Well, I’ll cut the yowping and get right to it.

These are from one of the internet auction sites (click to view). Most of the rough drawings have been attributed to Dan Gordon. I don’t know about that (especially since one is initialled by Dick Bickenbach), but let’s take a look at them.

To the right appears to be Quick Draw advertising one of the Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks. More Quick Draw, with Baba Looey. I love the Mr. Jinks drawing. I wonder if it was a game show parody, similar to the “What’s My Line?” send-up that Kellogg’s did with Snagglepuss in the early ‘60s.

The drawing below looks more like it was for one of the cartoons than a commercial. I’m trying to think of a cartoon where he walked holding two guns.

Here’s Snagglepuss, the pitch-cat for Cocoa Krispies.

The first Top Cat looks like Dan Gordon’s. Is there animation around of the Kellogg’s tag from the Top Cat opening? I would bet that’s where the drawing comes from with the cereal company name on it.

A few Flintstones items. The first is from “The Blessed Event.” I gather those are colour indications marked in ink. “Stop 13” must be a camera instruction. If anyone can tell me, post a comment.

Now, two from the “Operation Barney” episode. Fred is “Dr. Sliprock.” I don’t know if Alex Lovy is responsible for the story panels or if Tony Benedict did them.

Huck and Yogi plugging their favourite sponsor. Did other kids sing along with the jingle when they watched the Huck or Yogi shows?

I love this promo drawing, though I’m puzzled about why it’s coloured in. There’s a rough version elsewhere on the blog where the cereal is just indicated. Yogi’s muzzle is rounded here; I’d love to know who drew this.

Finally, from the Jerry Eisenberg collection. It’s an establishing background but I couldn’t tell you what cartoon it came from; I don’t know what series used “S” production numbers. It’s not from “Ben Huck.”

As usual, you can click on the artwork to make it larger.


  1. That Snagglepuss/Cocoa Krispies ad was from that series that, due to Daws/Snag having the "voice" of the Cowardly Lion as played by Bert Lahr, incensed the REAL Bert Lahr, who was plugging Lay's Potato Chips, so that Daws Butler gets a credit for playng Snag.

    Also KTTV Chanell 11, is in Southern Calif., where I live, and of course, where Hanna-Barbera and much of the entertainment industry in the USA has been based Very good drawings. Can't beleive the last ones aren't "Ben Huck",1961)(Huckleberry Hound), (very creative Huck episode).

  2. Could that background be from Roman Holidays, or maybe the Flintstones Time Machine episode?

    1. Looking again, it doesn't look like 1964 H-B, so I guess Roman Holidays.