Sunday, 1 January 2012

Yogi Bear, Sunday, January 1962

Let’s start the first Sunday of the New Year looking back at the Yogi Bear Sunday comics from 50 years ago this month. My usual source isn’t on-line so all but one are from the Ottawa Citizen, which published them the previous Saturday.

Little forest creatures, the kind you almost never saw on Yogi Bear cartoons, grace the optional top panel of the January 7 comic. The punch line panel is kind of creepy. Incidentally, the Hanna-Barbara script logo is the same one that was on title cards for the Huck, Meeces, Quick Draw, etc. cartoons that year.

Is there no end to “injuns” who “talk-um” like “heap-big” stereotypes? We’ve got another one here. And “Rain in Face”? Spare me. I like how whoever is lettering the comic for January 14 makes sure we catch the rhyme at the end by putting it in bold. In fact, all four of these comics do it.

Cute story in the January 21 comic. Yogi’s doing a Highland dance in one of the panels and the Arthur Murray pun doesn’t just settle for a pun on his name, like on a Flintstones episode. Sorry for the poor quality; this one was snipped from newspapers in Joplin (which has the full three rows but in poor quality)and another paper I don’t normally use.

A good-looking Quick Draw McGraw makes an appearance on January 28. Yogi interrupted a TV Western shoot at Jellystone in ‘Droop-a-long Yogi’ which should have aired about the time this comic was published.

Click on any of the comics to enlarge them.

Yowp Note: Due to difficulties locating the Flintstones Sunday comics, I won't be posting them any more. You’ve had a chance to view the first couple of months.


  1. This brings back memories! I was unhealthy in the winter of 1962 -- measles, German measles (why not, I was living in Germany at the time), chickenpox, mumps, the works (missed 18 days of school in February alone).

    Yogi's artists satirized the aboriginal stereotyping in 1972 by letting the bear meet a straight-talking man who couldn't stand the way his fellows were portrayed on TV.

  2. And Tony, :-), in 1972, that could go for the way Yogi and his own buddies were now being portrayed on TV. Let's not even go into that era.:) At least back in the 1960s, even the "Flintstones" music did fit the characters and they were good like before in the cartoons themselves, though taking the slow slide down..Steve