Sunday, 22 January 2012

Flintstones Sunday Comics, January 1962

I’ve now managed to find all the colour Flintstones for this month 50 years ago. They’re from different papers and some are not in the best shape but I’ll post them anyway.

The most interesting comic is the one for January 21. There’s a little girl with a bone in her hair. Yes, we all know that describes Pebbles Flintstones, but she didn’t appear for the first time until February 22, 1963. The connection between the comic and the not-even-foetal Pebbles is Gene Hazleton. He was in charge of the Sunday comics for Hanna-Barbera and Ed Benedict explained that Hazleton designed Pebbles.

With that, let’s look at the comics.

January 7, 1962

January 14, 1962

January 21, 1962

January 28, 1962

You can click on any of them to make them bigger.

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  1. Didn't "Amber" [January 21st] become one of the "Cave Kids" in Gold Key's "Flintstones" comic book the following year?