Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meet the Flintstones (Collector)

I’ve never been quite sure how a sheep feels so, therefore, I’m not quite sure what feeling sheepish is like. But perhaps I feel it now.

I’ve posted pictures of Hanna-Barbera merchandise from the distant past sent to me by various readers who have found it on the internet. I’m not a collector myself, other than of DVDs of the funny old cartoons (and, I suppose, the music on the original H-B cartoons). But one of our readers is. And Dave Nimitz and his Flintstones collection has been profiled on an internet web site in a post that, frankly, is far more in depth than anything I’ve ever been motivated to write here.
So please direct your attention to BEYOND THE MARQUIS, as Dave shows off what he’s found over the years and proudly displays in his apartment.

I probably should have talked to Dave and posted something here but, to be honest, my batting average getting people to agree to be interviewed here is pretty low. And this blog is a little something to do in my spare time and I really don’t have a lot of it. By the way, one thing the post doesn’t mention is Dave’s friendship with some of the great voice actors of cartoons past, like June Foray.

Now’s a good time to segue into more pictures of old H-B merchandise found on the internet by reader Billie Towzer.

Thanks to the folks at Standard Toykraft Products of Brooklyn, New York, you could make your own plaster versions of Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi Bear. This was sold in 1960.

You think of Ideal Toys when you think of Pebbles Dolls, but (as Dave Nimitz can attest), Knickerbocker made them, too. They’re 3½ inches tall. The company made Fred and Barney, too.

Knickerbocker also made plastic banks. Here’s one of Quick Draw from 1960. There were a couple of different ones, and a Baba Looey bank as well.

Billie didn’t identify these two plastic Hucks. I’ll bet Greg down the I-5 can tell us what they are. (Late note: See the comment section).

And we wouldn’t have had Huck, Quick Draw and Yogi if it hadn’t been for the folks at ♫♪♫♪ K-E-Double L-O-Double Good... well, you know the song. Oh, horrors! Cereal with, with... SUGAR! And a gun! Hey, you can’t let kids eat that. They’ll grow up to be obese murderers.

My thanks to Billie for peering around the ‘net and passing on these pictures.


  1. The 1st Huck Hound bank looks ace!

  2. hi Don,

    thanks for the kind words about my collection i would be honored to talk to you anytime about HB its my favorite subject.

    the Knickerbocker pebbles and bamm bamm above are from 1973 and there's a Fred n barney too.

    and the Knickerbocker Quick Draw bank above are great i have a lot of those also purex made a lot of the matching soakie bottles which i have

    and the fireman Huck is 1960 Dell squeaky love those figures not sure about the Huck standing but i want him

    thanks again Dave Nimitz

    1. Hello Dave... My name is Christy Roesch I am from Middleboro , My I have a brother in law in Tazewell , Tn that his father passed away and left him a trunk full of Flintstones items he is wanting to Sale but don't know who would he contact.. Please feel free to call me if you should be interested or know someone who might be.. (606) 269-0195

  3. Hi Don,

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dave a few years ago and we fast became friends. We found out that we had both been following each others postings on Flickr in the Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera Group. Then we started sharing our past experiences within the industry, especially related to H & B, and found out we had a lot of the same interests and have worked with and knew many of the same folks.

    As our friendship grew Dave invited me to go with him on many of his swap meet excursions, and I can proudly say that I was with him when he found some of the incredible additions to his already vast collection of the Flintstones, and H&B.

    Dave is not only an expert on the Flintstones merchandise, but he has a wealth of knowledge on all the HB characters and merchandising. Seeing his collection in person is awesome and hearing his stories on each item is amazing. He is truly a devoted fan and someone I am proud to call a friend.

    Thanks for sharing, and definitely take him up on a future interview. Raymond Cox

  4. I have never owned either one of them, so I have no info, but I wouldn't mind adding them to the collection. I just picked up a Huckleberry Hound kids puzzle in Yakima at an antique store.

  5. That brightly painted and newish looking Huck is really nice. i agree with Dave, I want him (although saying that makes me feel disloyal to Yogi).

  6. WOW..Sugar Pops!! What memories!. That box with " Sugar Pops Pete " on the front was a staple around our house growing up in the 60's. Great post.

  7. I have a 8MM Flintstones and the Gruesomes silent film where would I have it appraised or checked .Please e-mail me at Thank You Eddie

  8. I have a 1973 Flintstone YoYo. Trying to find out any info possible on it. Please email me at bwheat3@yahoo. Com. Thanks Brenda

    1. Hi Brenda

      I saw your post about the yo yo

      I have 2 fred yo yos do you have a picture of what you have a can tell you what it is i have a huge flintstone 3000 piece collection im pretty sure i can help you

      thanx dave Nimitz

  9. I have a pair of kids gray plastic eye glasses that say Flintstones on them. I am trying to get info on them but have only found one pair that was brown that said they were 1960 eye glasses. If you know anything about them it would be helpful. I was planning on selling them for my mom but have no clue about them or what they would be worth. Please email me if you know anything about them. Thanks, Jennifer Spears

  10. Is anyone interested in a 4ft. 1962 Flintstone pedal car that needs a new home?

  11. Hi,

    We have 1974 Flintstones toddler rocker in excellent condition. It was made by Coleco in Montreal, Que. We knew it was made in Canada when we saw their name in French on the one side---Les Pierrafew. Both sides have large bright pictures of the families on it. No other pics or info found so far on line. We would love to know more information about it. If you want to see a picture, please email me at

  12. Hello ~
    I have just acquired a Transogram Flintstones Milk & Juice Bar but cannot find another one online. Do you know anything about this fun piece?
    I have photos, but don't know if I can post them.

  13. LOL! The blue Quick Draw bank is from the Island of Misfit Toys! :)

    By the way, Yowp, have you ever heard of 7 Grand Dad? It's a bootleg hack of a Flintstones video game that's all over the internet.

  14. Hi there,
    I have two flintstone rugs I'm trying to find good homes for. They've been with me since I was a kid. If you know anyone please do getting in touch thanks

  15. I just bought a Flintstones animation production cel of Barney, dressed in drag in a grass skirt and clam shell top. Does anyone know what episode and season this is from?

  16. I have a set of Flintstone figures. They are the only one for sale in the world. If you are a serious collector and you are interested let me know I have one challenge for anybody to find a 1961 baby puss holding a fish. When you can't find it get a hold of me. I'm 99.9% sure you cannot match the set anywhere. It will be for sale for the last time

  17. Just on the off-chance someone sees this post in time, Dave's collection will be featured this Sunday (August 7, 2022) on MeTv's Collector's Call program.