Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Yogi and Flintstones Comics

Some time ago, reader Richard Holliss graciously offered to send scans of the Yogi Bear and Flintstones weekend newspaper comics he had collected over the years. There are a number I don’t believe I’ve shared with you, so I’m going to do that now.

First up, we have three tabloid Yogis from January 3, 1971, March 7, 1971 and April 27, 1969. The first comic reflects the ’70s environmental movement, the second has a guest shot from Quick Draw McGraw (and a cringing pun) and the third shows Yogi is smarter than the average bear. A couple of silhouette drawings add some stylishness. Bill Hanna’s name is borrowed in two of the comics and Ranger Smith looks less and less like he did in the TV cartoons (note the huge overbite).

I’ll put the date below each of the Flintstones comics. It strikes me as rare that Fred doesn’t appear in some of them. One centres around Wilma and Betty, another around Dino. Oh, and that horrible hippie-type long hair!

January 10, 1971

January 17, 1971

January 25, 1970

February 21, 1971

February 28, 1971

April 11, 1971

May 2, 1971

Click on any for a bigger version.


  1. The characters in both strips are really diverging from their TV looks.

    "John D. Stonefeller"? They had a perfectly good Stone Age last name to work with and changed it in such an uncreative way? Couldn't they have gone with something like "Rockyfellow"?

    I do like the Flintstones' toaster; that shows considerably more creativity.

  2. @Mike T.: About a decade ago, when an Icelandic volcano spew ash that grounded European travel, comedians probably made jokes about a terrestrial parody of the Jetsons called the Carsons (not necessarily connected to real-world Carsons (like John, etc.)

  3. That Yogi "party line" bit was re-used five years later as a comic book cover gag.

    Just learned a few days ago that MeTV will begin airing back-to-back episodes of The Flintstones every weekday afternoon beginning September 30th. This will be the first time in twenty years that the show has been seen outside the provinces of Cartoon Network / Boomerang, and even then has been restricted to Boomerang's streaming service as of the past couple years. Remains to be seen if the episodes will be time-compressed or edited for additional commercial allotment.

    1. I can guarantee you that THE FLINTSTONES will at least be edited. I've never seen anything on MeTV that hadn't been whittled down to 22 minutes or so to allow for additional commercials.

  4. Resuming: the Yogi Bear Sunday page from January 3, 1971 was drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton.
    The Yogi Bear Sunday page from March 7, 1971 (which has a special appearance of Quick Draw McGraw) was drawn from Gene Hazelton and Ed Benedict.
    And the Yogi Bear Sunday page from April 27, 1969 was drawn by Pete Alvarado.
    The Flintstones Sunday pages from January, February and April 1971 were all of them drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton. Great part of these Flintstones Sunday pages from 1971 were inked by the Disney disciple Lee Hooper, minus the Sunday page from February 28, 1971, which was inked by Ed Nofziger.

    1. And we also a replay among the Flintstones Sunday pages from 1970-71: the Flintstones Sunday page from January 25, 1970, drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton and inked by Lee Hooper.

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  6. If that big cat Dino's stalking in the February 28th strip is a TIGER, why does it have SPOTS?

    I think my personal favorite of these strips is the one with the "Kidnapping Gloopp Bird".