Saturday, 24 August 2019

Helicopter Huck

Huckleberry Hound was probably never animated as gracefully than on the little cartoons between the cartoons on his show. It’s so nice to see Huck and the stars of his other shows move fluidly (in full animation at times). Alas, this lasted for only the first season (1958-59); later mini-cartoons move the same way they did on the show with held drawings and so on.

Here’s Huck saying so long to us, diving into a trampoline and telling us at home that we’ll flip over the next episode. Huck flips as he talks to us.

Huck’s straw hat sprouts a helicopter blade and Huck flies out of the scene. He loses his eyes for two frames.

The posing is very nice. It may be the work of Ed Love, but it’s certainly smoother than the way he animated Mr. Jinks and the other characters in the 1959-60 season.


  1. I think most of the interstitials were farmed out to commercial studios in Hollywood.

    1. I think so,too.. (WB farmed some of their commercials out to New Hal Seeger!!)