Wednesday 5 June 2019

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, June 1970

Yogi Bear’s world is filled with good intentions but things don’t quite work out for him in the newspaper comics this month 49 years ago. He tries to help Ranger Smith wake up, he comes up with an idea to save a wedding and he finally protects other animals in Jellystone Park from a jerk.

You can click on the comics to enlarge them.

June 7, 1970. An owl is perched on the ‘Yogi’ sign in the opening panel and there are two silhouette panels. This is Mr. Ranger’s only appearance this month.

June 14, 1970. Me see-um stereotypes from reservation at Jellystone. Lonesome Coyote’s plan does have a certain type of logic to it.

June 21, 1970. Yogi is back to talking in rhyme. His attempt to be helpful isn’t appreciated. Hey, he did better than any of the humans did; why dump on him?

June 28, 1970. Talking squirrel last week, talking bird this week. Anyone hear Allen Melvin as the biker? A lot of detail in the long panel in the second row. I admire how the artist can draw cartoon-style animals and a realistic-looking motorcycle.

Boo Boo has the month off.


  1. Materials drawn by Gene Hazelton and Ed Benedict and inked by Ed Nofziger.
    I can recognize the Gene Hazelton's artwork in the Yogi Bear Sunday pages from 14 and 21 June 1970.

  2. Love every one, but it's a bid odd to see Yogi encouraging someone to shoot a fellow animal.