Wednesday 19 June 2019

Flintstones Weekend Comics, June 1970

Hurray! Baby Puss is back!

Yes, Baby Puss, the cat that put out Fred at the end of every Flintstones episode. The sabre tooth tiger didn’t appear often in the actual Flintstones cartoons and seldom in the comics but he makes an appearance this month 49 years ago.

Before we get to him, let’s look back at the era of love, peace and protests. Hmm. That does seem like the Stone Age now, doesn’t it?

Flower Power? Demonstration? Wilma gets caught in a 1970 pun in this comic from June 7th. Nice to see Betty make an appearance. Note the ashtray next to Fred’s chair. This comic features Dino’s only appearance this month.

Baby Puss appears on June 14th. The ashtray disappears. This cartoon and the one next week have the comic’s name on a hanging stone sign.

We get a Yabba Dabba-Doo and some fat shaming on June 21st. Betty’s back in this week’s cartoon.

In the early days of the Sunday comics, Harvey Eisenberg drew some pretty funny monsters. We can’t really see the one in this comic, dated June 28th. Pops and Barney make their only appearance of the month.

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  1. YOWP, what is your opiion of the horror film titled ''The Banana Splits Movie''? -

  2. Materials 100 % Gene Hazelton.
    Inked by Lee Hooper.

  3. Interesting to see how "Pops" became a regular fixture in the comic strips, even when he didn't have a role in the joke per se. I kinda like him as a character, he was a welcome addition to the rather small main cast of the strips.

    Come to think of it, there are no less than 5, count 'em 5, different "Grandpa Flintstone"s within the franchise: there's Pops, there's Grandpa Rocky from the final episode of the tv series, there's two separate grandpa's from the Gold Key comics (one with a moustache who appeared in issue 44 and another one with a long beard--don't know in which issues he appeared). And then of course there was Stony from (shudder) Flinstones kids.

  4. Look at Wilma in that last panel of the first strip. That is one interesting face I've never thought anyone could have!