Thursday, 16 August 2018

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, July/August 1970

For a number of years, we posted 50th anniversary Yogi Bear and Flintstones weekend comics, and several readers have wondered why we stopped. It’s pretty simple. We ran out of comics. Several newspapers where I was able to find them stopped running them, or poorly photocopied them so they weren’t readable. Richard Holliss in England, who generously sent me scans of his large collection, was missing a few years. And, as I have been saying, I am going to end further posts on this blog but somehow continue to find limited time to put up things. (I have a post from Denise Kress I wish to complete).

Since there seems to be some interest in these comics, I’ve scrapped the “50 years ago” idea and am just posting a bunch from Richard’s fine archive, as well as one from an on-line source that resumed scanning them after skipping a couple of years.. These are all from 1970. The drawing style has noticeably changed in two years, but there are still lots of good layouts and fun expressions.

All but one are tabloid editions, meaning one thin panel in the top row of the comic has been deleted so the comic can fit four rows.

July 19, 1970. Apparently, people have houses inside a national park. You can’t really blame Yogi in the final panel, can you?

July 26, 1970. You’ve got to love the bears who act like bears, then there’s Yogi who acts human.

August 2, 1970. A silhouette of Boo Boo and one of Ranger Smith make the artwork a little more interesting, as well as the different panel sizes. The talking animals in the top row are a little different. Yes, kids, people did hang mobiles like that way back then. Don’t ask me why they’re called “mobiles.” As a high-schooler, I never really understood the origin of the name.

August 9, 1970. Isn’t that a great cow in the final panel?

August 16, 1970. Nice perspective in the opening panel. Note Yogi’s teeth in the last two panels. The four Ranger Smith heads over a white background is a great idea.

August 23, 1970. I guess Yogi plans on selling the golf balls. I don’t know why else he’d think living up a golf hole is great.

August 30, 1970. If Countess Van Snoot didn’t have a point on her nose, I’d say it was Fred Flintstone in bad drag. The writer fits in a Yogi rhyme. I really like the dog design but... a bear with a pet dog?!? Note the two-headed Smith; it’s about the best animation effect you can do without any animation.

You can click on any of these comics to make them larger. My thanks again to Richard Holliss for supplying them.


  1. Brilliant. I had a good laugh at them.

  2. There's a exception: the Yogi Bear Sunday page from August 9, 1970 seems that was drawn by Ed Benedict.

  3. The Baydos may be enjoying an extended stay in a rental cabin in the park, in which case their dismay over Yogi's solution to the "diaper crisis" could be concern about the damage fee they will be charged. Mr. Baydo's comment in the first panel about "if the whole world were like Jellystone Park" suggests that this is not their permanent home, either that or they haven't been staying there very long. The rustic exterior of the house looks more like the kind of place that would be rented out to tourists rather than a permanent residence. Some of those rental cabins have nicely furnished rooms like the living room that is depicted. Just my own thought. But of course logic often doesn't apply in cartoons.