Saturday, 25 August 2018

Billiard Bear

Yogi Bear shows off his pool prowess by trying to pull off a trick shot, banking a shot off the back cushion of the table and into a hole (which he points to). Instead, it flies into his open mouth.

Some of the frames from when the ball ends up in his stomach, with appropriate sound effects. It ends with a bounce instead of a splash, so Yogi evidently is playing on empty stomach. Note the fingers on the left hand.

“At first, some tricks are hard to swallow,” he tells the viewing audience, not really bothered by what’s happened.

Now that the mini-cartoon is over, it’s on to the main cartoon.

I won’t venture a guess at the animator on this one, though I have some suspicions.

1 comment:

  1. You couldn't have grouchy Yogi by 1961, as he was used several times in the first season's cartoons -- he was too valuable a commodity to the studio and to Kellogg's by now to be downbeat, even after swallowing a cue ball.