Saturday 17 March 2018

Robin Hood Bear

One of the first Yogi Bear cartoons was called Robin Hood Yogi, where Yogi decides to assume the guise of Robin Hood and rob goodies from tourists so he can eat them. The Robin Hood idea was revisited when Yogi got his own show as a way to introduce all the characters before the first cartoon.

“Scalin’ a castle with me is no hassle,” he says, before he crashes into it. He must have learned this from El Kabong.

Next, his butt is punctured by an arrow. “This guy’s in a rut. He’s some kind of a nut.” For some reason Snagglepuss is firing at him. “You were expecting maybe the Sheriff of Nottingham,” Yogi asks. “I don’t know about the naughty part, but you are kind of a ham.”

Quarterstaff jousting sets up the next gag with Yakky Doodle. Yakky is played by Red Coffey in this bumper, not Jimmy Weldon. “Use your noodle, Yakky Doodle. Don’t be scared, Yogi’s prepared.” Yakky gets past Yogi on a log over a stream easily. He conks the bear on the head and Yogi lands in the water. That still doesn’t end the rhymes. “Nice try, little guy,” says Yogi, now in the stream.

Next, Yogi reaches into Ye Royal Kitchen to grab something to eat. He catches a bear-stopping mouse trap instead. “Old Robin Hood’s caught with the goods.”

In the final scene, they’re no longer in castle-dotted Sherwood Forest. They’re in front of a TV set, awaiting the Yogi Show, which makes his “merry men merry.”

Ken Muse is the animator of the bumper. Dick Thomas backgrounds, I think, despite the blue trees.


  1. Did Hanna-Barbera like to re-use poses? Those fourth and fifth photos of Yogi and Snagglepuss have Fred Flintstone written all over them.

    1. FWIW, the only known Muse animation of Snag and Yakky.

    2. say, has fred flintstone been compared a little to moe of the three stooges; their times of annoyance seem similar.

  2. (In YAKKY voice): "Ho! Ha Ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!"