Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bowling For Hucks

Huck Hound was a lot better bowler in the cartoon Ten Pin Alley (1959) than in one of the little cartoons between the cartoons on his show.

Here’s our hero (with a very small bow tie) telling us he’s the best bowler in town before rolling a ball down the lane. Note Huck has a shadow, and the background artist has reflections on the lane.

With the shorter ears and the compressed eyes, he looks more like Astro, doesn’t he?

Huck gets his thumb stuck in the ball. Here’s a real interesting scene. As the camera pans to the right, the angle of the bowling alley in the background drawing changes and Huck disappears in perspective. I would have loved to have seen the painting (by Monty?) to get a better idea of what it looked like. (The artwork may have been tilted on the camera stand but I don’t know if H-B had that capability).

He comes back via the ball return.

Fortunately, he’s back in time for the next Huckleberry Hound cartoon.

You can’t tell from the few screen grabs posted here, but this is another one of the bumpers where Huck is animated very fluidly, stretching at times and almost swinging his body and head around in about as full as the animation got on the show. Parts of it are even animated on ones. Mike Kazaleh tells me it’s the work of Phil Duncan, who would have been freelancing for the studio. It would have been great to see a full seven-minute cartoon animated this way.


  1. The fact that the bumpers could be re-used over multiple shows is probably the only thing that got Bill Hanna to OK an animation shot in perspective (though the fact he could do it with a still background also probably helped here).

  2. It reminds me of the cartoon Bowling Alley Cat more than Tin Pan Alley because of his skills.

  3. Why are the scenes in black-and-white?

    1. Because the original color version either could not be found
      or no longer exists. I getcha....altho THHS was made in color, it was aired in B/W because B/W TV sets predominated 60 yrs ago.

      Some B/W prints of these HHS "bumpers" must have been recorded/saved from destruction by folx, eventually winding up in said folx' archives/private collections.

  4. Which season/year was this?SC

  5. No doubt, as Barney Rubble did the same gag in the premiere episode of "THE FLINTSTONES", "The Flintstone Flyer".