Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, December 1967

Chickens. Puppies. Zebras. Mice. Grumbling Bears. Yes, they’re all in the Yogi Bear newspaper comics 50 years ago this month, along with Santa Yogi.

Okay, maybe not chickens. It’s a peacock, Sorry this December 3rd comic isn’t in colour or a better scan. I’ve looked and this is the best version I can find. Little Kevin the Boy Scout has been replaced by little Jennie the Girl Scout in this comic. Even Farmer Harold is fed up with Yogi’s bad puns. Nice expression on the bear in that second-row panel, though.

Interesting design on the lumpy little dog in the December 10th comic. Ranger Smith only appears in this comic this month. He’s named “Bill” this time. I don’t understand how the Ranger doesn’t trust Yogi but he’s agreeable to let him take off with the family pet. And why doesn’t Mrs. Ranger know how much a clipping costs so she doesn’t short-change Yogi? Hasn’t she taken him for a clipping before. Yogi keeps it down to one rhyme in this comic.

The Girl Scouts are back with a neat little collection of animals in the December 17th comic. I like the giraffe layout as well as the Yogi expression at the end.

A very nice silhouette panel is among the highlights of the comic published Christmas Eve day 1967. The end panel is a bit of a groaner gag. That’s the clearest Malt Mix I’ve ever seen.

The panels with the bear family in the December 31st comic were in the top row of the three-row version (and not at all in the two-row version) and don’t have anything to do with the rest of the cartoon. You can tell they’re real bears because they’re not wearing clothing. The gag in this one didn’t really do anything for me.

You’ll notice Boo Boo doesn’t appear at all this month.

Thanks to Richard Holliss for sending copies of the colour comics.


  1. These materials were drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg, including the Christmas Eve Sunday page, which was drawn by Willie Ito.

  2. The Yogi Bear Christmas Eve Sunday page from 1967 (drawn by Willie Ito) is also included on that topic from 2010 (which's included on this same blog), that one which involves the Yogi Bear and Flintstones Christmas-themed Sunday pages from 1964 to 1975.

    1. At this same Yogi Bear Christmas Eve Sunday page from 1967 (drawn by Willie Ito), we see Yogi costumed of Santa Claus.
      We cannot forget that Yogi appeared costumed of Santa Claus in two Christmas specials produced by Hanna-Barbera: Yogi's First Christmas (1980) and Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper (1982).

  3. In December, girls can be expected to cover up their legs, especially in the Rockies, where Jellystone Park is around.

  4. The beautiful blondie girl who appears in the Yogi Bear Sunday page from December 31, 1967 (drawn by Iwao Takamoto [who was very hooked in fashion]), looks like a foresight of Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo. Or else, Susan Chan from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan (Hanna-Barbera, 1972).