Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Moon Mice

Where there’s cheese, there are mice. Where there is green cheese, there are mice (not necessarily green ones). And where is there green cheese? On the moon.

So it is that Mr. Jinks unexpectedly ends up on the moon and discovers green cheese...and you know what else.

This is a Dell comic, cover dated May-July 1962. We’ve added a one-pager at the end. The artists are unknown.

You can click each page to read it better.


  1. This looks like the artwork of Harvey Eisenberg!

    1. And it's exactly the Harvey Eisenberg's artwork, Fernando.

    2. Originally published in the USA by Dell Comics.

    3. It's Eisenberg's pencils. I can't identify the inker, though.

  2. As for me, some of the plots for Pixie and Dixie comics were more enjoyable and better constructed than those from some of the shorts.

    I love the looks of Jinksy here! <3 He's so expressive.