Saturday, 25 November 2017

Fortune Teller Huck

Huckleberry Hound can predict the future. He tells Pixie and Dixie they’re going to meet a tall, dark stranger with whiskers.

Well, he may not be tall or dark, but he shows off his whiskers. And after a head shake and a stunned take, the meeces rush away.

Mr. Jinks reminds us to stick around for the next cartoon (starring guess who). Jinksie then dashes out of the scene.

Animation by Ken Muse.


  1. It's funny to see different Hanna-Barbera characters with the exact same poses. Huck with his eyes closed and crow's-feet looks just like Fred Flintstone. And I distinctly remember Fred F. and George Jetson shaking their heads "no" the same way.

  2. There are some cartoons where Muse gives Jinks or Top Cat or somebody the same expressions he used at MGM on Tom.