Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, September 1967

After a month in the Army, Yogi Bear is back in Jellystone Park and stealing pic-a-nic baskets in the newspaper comics on this very date 50 years ago.

It’s pretty much Yogi vs Ranger Smith all month; Boo Boo appears in only one comic.

A pink fairy-bear-mother shows up and turns Yogi into a squirrel in the September 6th comic. Don’t celebrate too soon, Smith. There’s lots of depth in the panel with the squirrels in the foreground, Yogi and the Ranger in silhouette in a bit of a distance, with greenery behind them then a mountain further in the background.

A little birdie sits atop the Yogi logo for decoration on September 13th. Another food gag.

Did you know Huckleberry Hound’s birthday is September 13th? Well, it is for the sake of one comic, the one published a week after that day in the newspapers (though in Canada, the weekend comics appeared in Saturday papers). Solid colours are used instead of elaborate backgrounds in some panels. Do stamps even need to be licked any more? And what’s Yogi doing with a picture of some long-haired babe on his calendar? (On second thought, maybe he’s in Ranger Smith’s office)

My, those are happy fish aren’t they? No doubt in glee because they are free, hey-hey-hey. (Great. Now I’m doing those irritating rhymes). The artist is admirable for being able to draw a truck at three different angles. This is from September 27th.

My thanks again to Richard Holliss for supplying these comics. Click on any of the comics for a better view.


  1. All these materials were drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg.

  2. Well, those are "game fish" all right... just not in the sense the truck driver intended!!