Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mr Jinks' Bungled Birthday

Here’s another Dell Comic adventure with Mr. Jinks and those miserable meeces. The cover date is September 1961 but would have hit stands some time earlier.

Kay Wright is apparently responsible for the artwork here. There was an animated cartoon called “Party Peeper Jinks” (aired November 1960) with an entirely different plot. In that one, Jinks refused to invite Pixie and Dixie to his birthday party, so they get even with him. In this one, the meeces throw a party for Jinks (how did they get the birthday cake out of their mouse hole?) but the cat mistakes their motives. And how does a cat buy a civil war cannon at an auction?

And here’s a one-pager, again by Kay Wright.

The pages can be enlarged by clicking on them.


  1. Great story about the perils of jumping to conclusions and self-fulfilling prophecies. Funny how Jinks and the meeces were, at the end of the day, friends. Just like Tom and Jerry.

  2. What does Mr. Jinks think of Edwin Meese?