Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Flintstones Weekend Comics, July 1967

Fred and/or Wilma are pretty much the focus in the Flintstones newspaper comics in the weekend section of the newspapers 50 years ago this month. Dino doesn’t appear and neither does Betty Rubble. But the Flintmobile is in three of the five comics (evidently they got it repaired in time for the last comic). Perhaps they’re doing some summer driving.

There are some fine layouts again. The July 2, 1967 comic features some nice little creatures in the opening panel, while the July 9th has a well-drawn tyrannosaurus. The July 16th comic has a good use of foreground and background in the opening panel, and the July 30th comic draws from campus protests that would grip the U.S. through the Vietnam War.

Richard Holliss supplied the colour versions. You can click on any of them to see them better.

July 2, 1967

July 9, 1967

July 16, 1967

July 23, 1967

July 30, 1967


  1. Materials 100% Gene Hazelton.
    Note: the Flintstones Sunday pages from July 23, 1967 and July 30, 1967 (both drawn by Gene Hazelton) are included in the Ger Apeldoorn's blog (

  2. Seeing the Flintstones Sunday page from July 30, 1967 (drawn by Gene Hazelton), which's allusive to the protesting wave against the Vietnam War, brings to my mind, songs from that period, as Revolution (which The Beatles recorded for EMI/Apple em 1968), Volunteers (which the group Jefferson Airplane/Starship recorded for RCA in 1969) and War (which Edwin Starr recorded for Motown in 1970).