Saturday, 29 July 2017

Baseball Bear

“Fireballer” Yogi indulges in the National Pastime in one of the 20-second vignettes before a cartoon. He urges us to watch his curveball. He tosses it and wonders where it’s gone. He soon finds out. Apparently it travelled around the world.

“Now, that’s what I call a real curveball,” he tells us. And it’s on to the next cartoon.

(I was going to toss a Yogi Berra joke into this post, but that would have been too obvious).


  1. Awww… Only Bugs Bunny can throw a baseball around the world! …Okay, maybe Popeye, too, though not sure if he ever tried.

    What Yogi’s “curveball” did was loop up, around, and come back at him from behind!

    There are two ways to ascertain this. One is that Yogi is looking UP in the sixth frame of the sequence (Keeping his eye on the ball, you might say! …Hey-hey-hey!) Two is that the returning ball isn’t plastered with round-the-world travel destination stickers, like Bugs’ was.

    And, even the “missing, obvious joke” might be present because, like his “Hall of Fame Catcher” namesake, Yogi CAUGHT the pitch. …Unfortunately for him, it was with the back of his head!

  2. Bugs Bunny did that in Hare we go and it was also in Kristopher Kolumbus Jr. ironicly both revealed stickers from world locations and both shorts were about Christopher Columbus.