Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Daws Speaks

It’s been pretty close to 29 years that Daws Butler has been gone. In a way, he’s not gone, because there are plenty of old cartoons to view where you can hear his wonderful work. And though he’s obviously not recording anything new, some discoveries from the past occasionally pop up.

Reader Adel Khan sent me a note about this TV news magazine feature story about Daws. I don’t know anything about it, including whoever posted it originally. Any fan of Daws will enjoy this but what I find fascinating is the portion where he’s giving voice acting lessons and how he suggests extremely subtle changes to make a performance better; it’s stuff I never would have thought of. That’s why Daws was a true master of voice over work.

Thanks to Adel for letting us all know about this.

Note: Keith Scott says this story was from a special week-long piece on Kids TV and aired in early 1978. June Foray had a profile the next day. He didn’t explain what "Kids TV" is/was.


  1. Beautiful...Beautiful..Beau-Tee-Full!! Finally got to see a sample of his coaching. I had heard that he was a task master on the very small changes in a vowel,or trail off in the voice that would make the reading of a line so much better. He was the master. Thanks!

  2. Daws is one of my lifelong heroes. A genius! Huck was my first cartoon hero!