Saturday, 11 February 2017

Mr Jinks in Have a Ball

Mr. Jinks may have said “I hate meeces to pieces” in the little cartoons between the cartoons on the Huckleberry Hound Show than he did in the main cartoons. That’s how this bumper ends.

In the opening scene, Jinks actually wiggles the bowling ball in his hand when he talks to Huck, which is a nice little touch. In the next scene, Dixie telegraphs to the audience what’s going to happen, telling the mute Pixie (no sense in paying Don Messick to voice something when you don’t have to) that sometime before the action appeared on screen, he put glue in Jinks’ bowling ball.

As you might expect, the crash isn’t seen. The camera simply shakes over a background drawing and there’s a cut.

The animation of the bowling ball toss is on twos. I like how Jinks simply turns into a fox head and brush strokes.

The drawing of Jinks in the last frame reminds me of John Boersma’s work but I don’t know who animated this.


  1. YOWP, I was just rereading your post on ''Baffled Bear''. Why didn't you mention that it was inspired by Frank Tashlin's book ''The Bear That Wasn't''. Particularly the beginning.

    1. Did Joe Barbera say that? Or Tashlin?

    2. I don't think so. It's just that I'm a big fan of Yogi and of the book, and it's strange that a short time ago I realized that the beginning almost a dead-on pastiche and the scene where the narrator says: "Surveyors were surveying, Steam Shovels were Steam Shoveling" is directly from the book. -'t%20Surveyors&f=false

  2. Well, probably didn't does look similiar.