Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Flintstones Weekend Comics, February 1967

For reasons I still don’t understand, Fred Flintstone’s boss in the newspaper comics was not Mr. Slate. 50 years ago this month, he was employed at a quarry by a Mr. Rockly, who seems to have been a little snooty but nonetheless had a better relationship with Fred than Slate ever did.

The comic of February 26th (25th in Canadian newspapers) may remind you of Tex Avery’s Symphony in Slang. Pebbles takes what she hears from her daddy literally, and conjures up all kinds of things. No, it doesn’t end with “Sabretooth cat got your tongue?” but there is a black sabretooth cat crossing Fred’s path in the February 5th comic.

February 5, 1967.

February 12, 1967.

February 19, 1967.

February 26, 1967.

Thanks to Richard Holliss for sending the colour versions from his archive.


  1. "There they go... Two gay blades looking for a place to cut up!"

    That's the most unintentionally funny line I've seen in a while. 😂


  2. Is that a giant club descending on Fred and Wilma in the first panel of February 12? Even enlarged, it's hard to make out what it is.

    1. I think it is a scanner artifact, and not part of the original art.

    2. You're both wrong - its the Chicxulub asteroid.

      The Flintstones are about to be "cancelled" - permanently.