Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, December 1966

Two Christmas-time comics highlight the Flintstones’ Sunday strips that appeared in newspapers 50 years ago this month. Thank Richard Holliss for the coloured versions.

No Dino? Well, everyone else shows up on December 4th.

Nothing like striped Stone Age pants. I like the cupid hanging from the ceiling in the last panel in the second row. The punch line of the December 11th isn’t exactly for kids, is it?

Floorboard it, Fred! How many times did Wilma ever say that? If you’re like me, you can hear the TV voice artists doing the characters, even the incidental ones. I hear Janet Waldo in her blustery battle-axe voice in the last panel, second row. This is from December 18th.

This comic was published December 25th. Santa’s here! Some lovely bluish nighttime colouring. Note the Load Limit sign on Fred’s roof.

Click on any of these comics to make them larger.

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  1. Materials 100% Gene Hazelton.
    Alias, the Flintstones Sunday page from December 25, 1966 (drawn by Gene Hazelton) is included on that topic from 2010 which embraces the Flintstones and Yogi Bear Christmas-related Sunday pages from 1964 to 1975.