Sunday, 25 December 2016

Dino and Christmas

Almost all the animated Christmas TV shows in the mid-1960s were specials. There was one exception—“A Christmas Flintstone,” just another episode in the 1964-65 TV season.

Well, it was a little more than “just” another episode. A couple of original songs were ordered for it and some of the backgrounds are more elaborate than what you’ll find in a usual Flintstones show, at least in my opinion. Whether the Hanna-Barbera studio budgeted more for this show, I don’t know, but Bill Hanna found a way to save a bit of money.

During the song “Dino the Dinosaur’s Christmas Tree,” there’s no animation at all. There are just dissolves from one piece of artwork to another. It’s actually a nice visual change from what’s been happening in the cartoon until that time.

Below are the drawings. The lyrics are, as best I can transcribe Alan Reed,

Dino the dinosaur heard some children say
We don’t have a Christmas tree
To trim for Christmas Day

So Dino the dinosaur said “I mustn’t fail!”
And he found a tree, and sawed it down
With his funny tail.

And the children were surprised and said
“Who trimmed this lovely tree?”
And who do you think just gave a wink
And smiled secretly? He!

Dino the dinosaur stood proud when Santa called
“That’s the finest tree I ever did see,
Merry Christmas one and all!”

Merry Christmas one and all!”

Now, as a bit of a Christmas present, here are a few short cues from the Flintstones, not available in any stores. They sound like cassette dubs so there a lot of top end and some hiss on them. Click on the title to download. Thanks to all who have read, and contributed to, this blog over the past year.










  1. While not a fan of this particular one, I still like a few parts of it, such as,maybe the song, since I love Dino (even watched the Season 4, Episode 4 one where he runs away, jealous over Pebbles, "Dino Disappears", a few nights ago onmy FLintstones DVD that came over ten years ago) and of course, Merry Christmas Yowp..and everyone!

  2. And, of COURSE, :-), thanks for the cues, they were great! (Cues 5 and 6 were used in that D"Dino Disappears", guest starring (surprise-UPA veteran Jerry Hausner, a true rarity for the studio, as the goofy showbiz guy, and written by Joanna Lee, and dealt with the showbiz fellow's lookalike Dino whom - naturally, you guessed it--Fred and Barney MISTAKE for their DOG (

  3. “Christmas Flintstone” (the ORIGINAL from 1964, and not to be confused with anything which might have come later) remains my favorite “Christmas Entertainment Thing” to this day.

    I saw its original broadcast at a time when I was on the cusp of my belief in Santa Claus, and it probably helped extend that belief just a tad longer. I can also say the same for the similarly themed 1964 BEWITCHED episode “A Vision of Sugar Plums”, in which skeptical kid Billy Mumy visits with Santa, courtesy of Samantha. Hal Smith (FLINTSTONES) and Cecil Kellaway (BEWITCHED) were just so right in their respective portrayals of Santa that the “magic” lasted (again) just a bit longer than it might otherwise have.

    Mumy, a year later, would make his indelible imprint on popular culture as Will Robinson on LOST IN SPACE. Also, in a small role, was Gerry Johnson, who would just have taken on the role of Betty Rubble, transforming a once-enthusiastically performed, entertaining creation into a “Stepford-Stone Wife” to Barney. Whether Ms. Johnson or the series’ writers were responsible for that, I cannot say – but it certainly was a change. This is a rare opportunity to see Ms. Johnson perform in live action. Even Bill Daly – of the future-competing comedy I DREAM OF JEANNIE shows up in this one. It’s worth catching for the nice look at Christmas, 1964, and the notable guest cast!

    Thanks to DVD, I make “Christmas Flintstone” and “A Vision of Sugar Plums” regular Christmas Eve viewing and, for one glorious hour, return to the feelings of wonder I had in 1964!

  4. How on earth does Dino appears and has a book about himself during Christmas?

    1. …Probably in the same way there were Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm dolls on the shelves at Mr. Macyrock’s Department Store. Yes, really… Check it out!

      Christmas miracles, and all that sort of stuff, you know!

    2. "Anything's possible in a cartoon" -- Tex Avery.

  5. Compliments of the season, Yowp.

  6. Thank you for all you're doing, YOWP. You've help tell stories, which might never have been told. Merry Christmas my friend.:):):):):):):):)

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  8. Remember seeing this episode in first run, and in syndication over the years. I didn't see it as often because if it came up in the shuffle during the summer, spring or fall months, some television stations would pass it, and move on to the next episode. Like Joe, I also enjoy watching " A vision of sugar plums " from Bewitched around this time of year. A Very Merry Christmas, Yowp. Thanks for all you do on this blog.