Wednesday, 26 October 2016

We Hear From Fans Around the World

Hanna-Barbera cartoons are loved the world over, and the proof is in a little list of the countries where our readers come from. At the time this post was written, the bulk of the people who stopped by to view this blog are in the United States. But the list shows readers in Denmark, Spain, Thailand, Luxembourg, Japan, Russia, Egypt and Ghana, among many other nations.

Readers are nice enough to send notes; I’m sorry I don’t have time to answer most of them as I don’t really have time to maintain this blog. Here’s one I received quite some time ago, with the photos I’ve posted below. The following note was attached:

Hi, I'm Alexander live in Brazil and I am a lover of Hanna Barbera. I have some things that I keep with great affection. This poster of original film and a Yogi Bear's Guide was released in Brazil in 1970 as well as comics launched in Brazil.

Reader Rick Greene is a little closer to 3400 Cahuenga Blvd. He’s in the Los Angeles area and was a close friend of the ultimate Hanna-Barbera historian, the late Earl Kress. Some time ago, we posted about Yogi Bear being used as a public service figure. Rick passed along this from his collection. Sorry, he just sent the cover. It’s from 1984. Artist unknown. Bob Singer maybe?

We also had a post about the 1961 Yogi’s Birthday Party TV special. Mike Rossi (not in Italy, despite his name) sent these pictures showing how Kellogg’s got involved in its cereal boxes:

Steve Faul, one of a number of our readers in Ohio, e-mailed us these shots of a Whitman puzzle from 1963. He found it during an antiquing expedition. Evidently there was no room for Yogi Bear. Or maybe he was busy promoting cereal.

And Dan Browne asked about the cel below. I cringe looking at the staples up top. The characters weren’t in the original drawing; you can see how the waves around the fishing line have been drawn in later. They may have been from one of the Huck show cartoons-between-the-cartoons. The background’s familiar, though. It’s from the Quick Draw McGraw cartoon Cattle Battled Rattled, co-starring Snuffles. The background is by Joe Montell.

Here’s a frame grab from the cartoon. Dick Lundy animation from Ed Benedict layouts. I love the cows.

My thanks to readers who have had time to send interesting items along with comments, additions and corrections. By the way, this is Yowp post number 1,001.


  1. I remember many of the item that came out when these cartoon first aired, many with great fondness...I was in scouting at the time and Kelloggs donated cases of Yogi's OK cereal to our camp. I don't know what they made it out of but it was almost inedible..we dumped in on the ground around the camp even the deer wouldn't eat it....records,puzzles, coloring books,assorted toys a huge part of my childhood...good memories

  2. A small correction: this Yogi Bear Guide was published here in Brazil by Editora Abril in 1977.
    I've had a copy of it.