Thursday, 20 October 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, October 1966

What? How can people in the Stone Age celebrate Hallowe’en? It’s an outrage!!

There! Now that I’ve gotten that out of your system, let’s carry on and look at what newspapers published, Flintstones comic-wise, 50 years ago this month. Besides Hallowe’en, we get sports—baseball and golf.

The whole gang appears in the October 16th comic (the adults, two kids and Dino). I love Fred’s pose in the bottom left-hand comic and the nice from-above layout in the final comic. The gags are set up pretty well in all of them.

Richard Holliss supplied the colour comics from his personal collection.

October 2, 1966

Octover 9, 1966.

October 16, 1966.

October 23, 1966.

October 30, 1966.


  1. I actually remember these ones...You finally got to do the comics reviews...enjoy seeing these.

  2. It's nice to see Bamm-Bamm as part of the regular cast in the October 9th one (although he's unfortunately a little faint in this print--but I hastily add that I'd much rather have these comics in this form than not at all). Notice the many variations on the masthead/logo. There are some fascinating takes on the lettering and style. I also note that we are past the first run of the original TV series by this point, but the characters are still on-model. This will change by the late 60's/early 70's, when Fred, Wilma, and even Pebbles and Dino become more stylized in their comic strip incarnation.

    The color strips are really nicely colored. I love Wilma's flower print dress, which the boss's wife is also wearing--it took me a long time to "get" that gag, but I have no problem with a Flintstones gag being understated. Nothing subtle about the baseball gag, but it's pretty hilarious, and would work in a modern setting as well as in Bedrock.

    Thanks again, Yowp, for another monthly round of Stone Age humor!

  3. First, I'm stunned at the first comic...I started sculpting a "baseball kid" figure to go with my Bedrock City Marx Play Set and it looks almost exactly like the kid in the strip! I'm not claiming psychic abilities here, but that makes me happy because it means I'm tapping into the right design frame of mind when I'm working. (And don't worry, I'll post pictures of the figures when they're done). there ANY CHANCE in the blind universe that a collected book of the Flintstones strips might ever be published? There seems to be many books like that being seriously published in the last few years. Collections of Sundays and Dailies. It would be freakishly awesome to see the collected Flintstones works by Gene Hazelton in one (or more) volumes.

  4. I don't know, Unknown. Scott Shaw attempted to interest someone in it and they kind of laughed at him. Too bad.

    1. Scott Shaw should take this project ahead, involving the Flintstones comic strip collections (daily strips and Sunday pages) in books.