Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Yogi Bear Weekend Comics, March 1966

The winsome tykes, Mrs. Ranger Smith and native Indians are back in Jellystone Park in the Sunday newspaper comics 50 years ago this month.

Unfortunately, our source of nicely scanned comics ran dry so the versions below vary in quality. There’s nothing we can do about it.

March 6th features the General who runs Jellystone (note the stars on his shoulder). We still don’t know if Ranger Smith and Yogi went over the falls. Presumably not, as they both return.

March 13th has owls decorating the name of the comic in the first panel. More of Bill Hanna’s cute little Boy Scouts are featured in the plot, along with a cute little raccoon catching a cute little fish. Boo Boo makes a late appearance. Because the scan is so poor, I can’t read what’s on the paper below the Boy Scouts of America pennant in the final panel.

“You hear-um right”? Sigh. Stereotype time in the March 20th comic. The last panel proves that Crazy Eagle isn’t so crazy.

Yogi’s on probation in the March 27th comic. Why? Who knows. It’s not all that relevant anyway as Yogi decides to show up the smug ranger who, if this were a few years later, might have John Stephenson playing him using a Joe Flynn voice. Even Boo Boo is laughing at him.

Click on any one of the comics to enlarge it for a better look.


  1. I think Yogi proved he was smarter than the average ranger in the March 6 comic. Why worry about a waterfall that's upstream? Just pick up some (free) ice cream and enjoy the ride.

  2. All these materials were drawn by Iwao Takamoto and Jerry Eisenberg.

  3. Even a not-so-clean scan is better than nothing! Thanks for keeping the monthly treat coming!

    I like the little glimpse of the Ranger's dining nook...looks very cozy and rustic. Simple wooden chairs, simple round-topped table, bare wooden walls...just the decor one would expect for a ranger's cabin-like house. The scene is very intimate and shows that Yogi is a welcome drop-in, or at least an accepted one. I notice, however, that they don't fall for his hint, but continue eating the pizza themselves...which in turn sets up the main gag.

    The guest ranger in the last strip seems familiar...I'm thinking a similar character appeared in one of the cartoons. Can't place it, though.