Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Flintstones Weekend Comics, March 1966

Someone at the Hanna-Barbera comic art department tried a little experiment 50 years ago this month. At least it appears that way. Unfortunately, one scan of the comics for March 1966 isn’t all that good so it’s tough to see. The colour comics come from the collection of Richard Holliss in England. Thanks, Richard, for these nice-looking comics.

The March 6th comic features different lettering for Pebbles. And Dino talks (to himself) in this one. There are also panels with no background; solid colour was used. It’s odd, considering how elaborate some of the drawings for these comics could be. I wonder if someone was behind a deadline and had to hurry to get the comic out or if it was deliberate on the part of Gene Hazelton to see how a more minimal comic would go over. Certainly by the early ‘70s, the Flintstones comics had less detail.

Lots of cars in the March 13th comic. Now you know that dinosaurs say “Ghornk.”

Another “What’ll they think of next?” gags lands in the panels of March 20th. I like the streetscapes. There’s a little lizard in the first panel, second row, and it appears the lady pedestrian is glaring at the driver stopped in front of her.

I don’t know what Wilma’s so sad about in the March 27th comic. Fred is taking out the garbage, isn’t he? Betty gets a gratuitous line.

Click on any of the comics to try to make them bigger.


  1. I found them very readable and enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank You for sharing this...Flintstones..Meet..the..Flintstones..The..Modern..Stone..Age..Family...

  3. I wonder if the more minimalist style has to do with the declining number of newspapers carrying "The Flintstones." Perhaps, given the waning interest, the studio felt less invested in this product.

    Thanks, as always, for finding and posting these. Keep 'em coming!!!

  4. I wonder if, in the last (March 27,1966) comic (done around the time the last original episodes were about to air) had Betty and Wilma being surprised at Fred's slightly Rube Goldberg way of sending trash long distance, or just that he finally got around to dumping it at all! :D SC

  5. All these materials were drawn by Gene Hazelton and Dick "Bick" Bickenbach.

    1. Fixing: these Sunday pages were all of them drawn by the legendary Gene Hazelton.

  6. Fred certainly seems to have an assortment of jobs in the comic strip. I don't believe we've seen Mr. Slate or the Bedrock Quarry in any of the strips. Of course, we haven't gotten all of the dailies, so he may have appeared there. Working as a painter is a definite change of pace for Fred from digging rocks. I'm wondering if the writer was unaware of the TV continuity, or did he just choose to ignore it? In any case, the painter gag is an interesting one and shows yet another side to Fred's talents.

    Some of these strips have been posted elsewhere on-line but minus the top tier, so this post is of course highly to be appreciated. Thanks again, Yowp! Even a less than stellar copy is better than no copy at all. My joy is intact for yet another month!

  7. I see the Flintstones Sunday page from March 20, 1966 (drawn by Gene Hazelton), and I end associating it with the song Dancing in the street (which Martha Reeves & The Vandellas recorded for Motown Records in 1964).