Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jerry, Tony, Joe, Bill and Harvey

A note came in from Jerry Eisenberg the other day letting me know about the short reminiscence on video he and Tony Benedict did some time ago in the Eisenberg studio room several years ago.

Tony linked to it on his site but we’ll link to it here. Blogger won’t let you play it here; I think it takes you to another site.

Jerry, for those of you just joining us, was a layout artist on The Jetsons and Jonny Quest (the original series in both cases), designed a bunch of Wacky Races racers and did a pile of other things not only at Hanna-Barbera, but at other studios. Tony was the first cartoon writer at Hanna-Barbera to get a screen credit whose name was not Charlie Shows, Dan Gordon, Mike Maltese or Warren Foster.

Jerry’s dad worked with Joe Barbera at Terrytoons in New York in 1936 and was later induced by Mr. B. to come to Culver City and work on Tom and Jerry cartoons at MGM. Jerry talks about him to open the video.

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  1. I saw this video on Tony Benedict's site the other day. Great stuff. I love hearing personal anecdotes from the folks who created my favourite cartoons. I highly recommend this video to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I guarantee you it'll put a smile on your face. And it's just five minutes long, so there's no excuse not to watch it right now!! :)