Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Flintstones Weekend Comics November 1965

These are from Sunday newspapers of November 7, 4, 21 and 28, 1965. As I’ve been saying for months, I don’t have time to blog any more, so I haven’t had time to hunt down and snip the daily strips.

“Kerrunch!” “Splat!” I think both were used on the Batman TV show which debuted the following January.

In this day and age, Pebbles’ observation “Give me two mommies any ol’ day” would certainly rile up some group willing to take it out of context.

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  1. It's nice to see these 1965 strips...they're still on-model with the characters, and even the one-shot supporting characters look like they belong in the H-B and Flintstones universe. The gag of Wilma driving has been used before (considering how the Flintstones' car is powered, it could be considered a "running" gag! Ouch!) in summer of 1963. I don't know where the idea of women and ineptitude behind the wheel ever came from but it was a rampant joke back in the 60's. "Crazy women drivers" was even a popular catchphrase--and women didn't seem to object, at least not the way they would today. Pebbles has some nice toys in evidence in the November 21 strip...the image of Fred sleeping on the couch is priceless and puts me in mind of the many gags in the Blondie strip involving Dagwood sleeping on the couch. Nice to see Barney making an appearance in the November 28 strip--he, Betty, and Bamm-Bamm seem to become increasingly scarce as the strip goes on into the 70's, with more of the gags centering on either Fred and Wilma, Dino, Pebbles, or "Pops" who has evidently not been introduced yet.

    I really prefer seeing these strips in black and white, as the details emerge much more clearly, but the gag on the 28th cries out for color--however, we also are told the color of the paint in the last panel, so it works out.

    Thanks for this mid-month and mid-week treat! Yabba dabba doo!