Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Huck's Hack Comic

Huckleberry Hound appeared in Little Golden Books and Dell Comics, but he made another unexpected appearance in print.

Jack and Jill was a kids publication back in the days when people bought magazines. Among the many things it did, periodically, was present truncated versions of animated TV cartoons in comic form. And it did that with “Huck’s Hack,” which appeared on TV stations during the week of Monday, February 22, 1960 (along with “Space Bear” and “Puss in Boats”). A four-page comic version, in full colour, appeared in the February 1960 issue.

I’m guessing it was a contra deal. Hanna-Barbera or Screen Gems supplied the comic in exchange for a plug for the Huck cartoon show (the comic doesn’t mention Kellogg’s, so it’s likely the sponsor wasn’t involved). The story pretty much follows the cartoon and the some of the layouts are pretty close to Dick Bickenbach’s layouts in the animated version. Compare this drawing (by Don Patterson) to the panel in the lower right on page two. You can click on each page to see it better. (Note Monte’s textured cloud. I don’t think he was the only background artist who painted clouds this way).

Have a little read. I can’t begin to guess who the artist is; I’ll accept any educated conclusions, though. Somehow, Huck looks naked when he’s only wearing a hat.

This is one of my least favourite Huck cartoons. I don’t buy the basic plot. Huck’s a failure at times but I think he’s bright enough to tell a robber from a bank executive (Quick Draw McGraw, on the other hand...). We reviewed the animated version of this cartoon in this post.

How often Jack and Jill connected with Hanna-Barbera, I don’t know. There was an item in the March 1961 edition titled Huckleberry Hound Goes Traveling Around, and the November 1961 magazine features a “Yogi Bear Birthday Song” (the Yogi birthday show aired the previous September). But the magazine-studio tie-in was a good idea, benefiting both Hanna-Barbera and its fans.


  1. Personally, I enjoy this cartoon. I like how no matter how violent the robber and the situation get, Huck doesn't realize that the "banker" is a robber. The "For $2.30, it's really not worth it" and "The bullets alone must cost more than $2.30" lines crack me up. I do understand your point, though. Compared to the other Huck cartoons I've seen, Huck does seem more clueless than usual. I guess I prefer to take each cartoon on its own terms and not compare one to the next.

  2. Huck's Hack was great cartoon and this great comic book adaptation. However, I must ask you if you are going to make a tribute article on Gary Owens.

    RIP Gary Owens. Space Ghost, Roger Ramjet, The Blue Falcon, The Narrator from Penelope Pitstop...but most of all, Gary Owens.

  3. Jack and Jill is still published today.