Wednesday, 25 February 2015

H-B Odds and Sods

Time to post some Hanna-Barbera image files sitting in my computer. I’ve made no notations where I got some of them.

A sadistic kid rode Yogi Bear in “Daffy Daddy,” so I guess this toy that’s seen better days makes sense. Light bulbs? Beats me.

Has Yogi merchandise ever stopped being made? This looks like newer stuff, not from the late ‘50s. Okay, other than the milk mug.

Here’s one of those great Kellogg’s ads in full colour. What?! The offer’s not good in Canada? Yogi’s lasted a lot longer than Kellogg’s OKs, hasn’t he?

Here’s Yogi in a beautiful Cadillac. Yes, I know you thought he drove a Chrysler LeBear-on. Hyuk, hyuk.

Prime time cartoons make the covers of TV magazines. The artwork is right on. These are from the collection of Jerry Beck.

These eggs cups were made in England by Ridgway Potteries in 1960. Even a really off-model Li’l Tom Tom rates an appearance.

“Hilarious new character”? Don’t think so. But this is a nice little one sheet to push the H-B studio’s only series that actually made it into theatres (others were proposed). Thanks to Scott Shaw! for this poster.

Finally, an image maker for the Quick Draw McGraw show. These look like they were used for newspaper box ads; the local station call letters and channel would be substituted.

Click on any of the images to make it easier to see.


  1. I remember having the Yogi riding toy when I was a baby (of course, by the time it got around to me, the brim, handles and wheels were long gone and, more often than not, my old man was using it as a footstool...good times...:-))

  2. I remember the Yogi riding toy and the Kellogg's OK's offers. Never saw the egg cups.Looking at the Yogi riding toy, I can hear that kid, now; " Bang...Bang...Bang " and Daws' great dead pan tourist " Yes......that' son "

  3. I’ve still got my Yogi Bear milk mug…someplace. I remember seeing it not too long ago. My wife probably boxed it away in the basement.

  4. That poster with the hot pink background looks like the same one that got switched with Mike Brady's architectural drawings, leading to a wild chase through King's Island, which dates it to the early '70s.

  5. I could be wrong, but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say the Yogi vs. Magilla books and the Yogi political-style buttons are from 1964, because that was the year Gold Key released a comic book in which Yogi Bear and Magilla Gorilla ran against each other for President.

    1. I forget to point out that the comic book I'm talking about is not the same as the books pictured. So, the two books may or may not have been released the same year.