Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Little George Jetson

Above you see the opening background drawing for the Jetsons’ cartoon “The Little Man,” the 17th show put into production. And to the right, you see a dialogue page from the opening.

Heritage Auctions had the latter up for auction awhile ago, along with some storyboard panels that you can see below (and click on to enlarge). The final dialogue in the cartoon isn’t exactly the same as what you can read on the panels. Lines have been added and subtracted. There’s a salt gag that’s not in the panels on sheet 21.

The story was written by Tony Benedict and the sketches below are his. If you look at the numbering, you’ll observe that number 22 is broken down into four sheets: A, B, C and D. Whether the story was expanded later to include those scenes, I don’t know. And there’s a whole bedroom routine in the cartoon that takes place between the first and third panels of 22A.


  1. 11/19/14 Wrote:
    Nice set of storyboards you have there, Yowp. Too bad there wasn't one saved for the next panel, when six-inch George confronts O'l Fatso Cogswell for the scene in which he swipes the Cogswell Cog. Memorable Line (when Cogswell gets out his golf club to swat George): Come back here, Jetson! In fact, I'd like to introduce you to my club.......the golf club that is! (followed by Yogi Bear-like guffaw) (swings, misses, golf club wraps around Cogswell's fat neck and on his thick skull (BOP!)) Cogswell replies: "I KNEW I should have used a five-iron!(cue laugh track.) Real memorable stuff.

  2. "Rook at the Rimp!! Rook at the Rimp!!!!"

  3. Interesting to note, last week there was a full-blown Jetsons tribute in an episode of Clarence. Incidentally, Cartoon Network produces the series, not Warner Bros.