Tuesday 25 November 2014

Fibber Fox Chases Yakky Doodle Forever

Running and chasing are ingrained in the DNA of animated cartoons going back to the days of silent film. So it’s no surprise you find pursuits all over the place in Hanna-Barbera cartoons (especially past the same objects in a repeating background drawing). Run or walk cycles have the added advantage of allowing the studio to save money by reusing the same drawings.

Some cycles were eight drawings, others were six or four. But Clarke Mallery came up with a three-drawing run cycle in “Hasty Tasty,” a 1961 Yakky Doodle cartoon.

Clarke Ellis Mallery was at Disney by 1941; he had worked as a caretaker at a school before that. Mallery played clarinet in the Firehouse Five Plus Two. He opened Mallery Productions by 1955 and later worked on the Magoo Arabian Night feature, that frightful bore “Gay Purree,” and for Jay Ward Productions.

Let’s put together Mallery’s cycle in an endless loop. Go get that duck, Fibber!


  1. It's amazing he can chase Yakky that far without ever opening his eyes...

  2. His face is scrunched with delight over the possibility of eating Yakky and ridding him from television cartoondom forever.

  3. Wow Yowp. Fibber Fox. Other than this blog, I haven't seen " Fibber, Yakky, or Chopper since the early days of " Cartoon Network ". Wasn't Chopper a tribute to Wallace Beery? Always sounded like him. It *does* seem like Fibber is feeling a great deal of delight at the thought of catching Yakky.