Thursday, 14 August 2014

Flintstones Weekend Comics, August 1964

Before we get to our post, here is a short “programming note.” Fans of the Yogi weekend comics we’ve been posting here will be pleased to note we will be able to carry on for another month, though the post for September will be incomplete. However, we aren’t so lucky with the Flintstones. This post consists of comics from three difference sources and will be our last.

For some reason, Fred has a “Mr. Boulder” as a boss. The comics didn’t necessary follow what was happening on the TV show; witness the later development of Pebbles and Dino “talking” in the comics via thought-balloons.

Unless she’s hiding in the missing first row of the first three comics, Betty Rubble is absent again. Maybe she confined herself to the daily comics. Or perhaps she’s gone on a visit to Petticoat Junction.

The gag set-up in the third cartoon is my favourite. A shame the TV set isn’t tuned in to Yogi Bear again this month. The last one is a marvel of filling space and making the characters read. I’ll bet it stands out more in colour.

August 2, 1964.

August 9, 1964

August 16, 1964

August 23, 1964

August 30, 1964


  1. If Betty Rubble went to visit Petticoat Junction, I'll bet she stayed at the Shady Rest Hotel, in Hooterville...

  2. The kids in the swing set story look like they would fit right in with the Cave Kids.

    The one where Pebbles embarrasses Fred in front of his boss rings truly do say "the darndest things."

  3. IIRC, there were a couple of Season 1 episodes where Fred's boss was called Mr. Boulder (and the final design of Mr. Slate debuted as Mr. Granite, but continuity was never a strong point of the show).

  4. Yeah, J.L., and the show's writers were already working on season 5 at this point. Slate was established.