Sunday, 20 May 2012

Flintstones, Weekend Comics, May 1962

Barney’s busy and we get some Bickenbach-style incidental animals in this roundup of Flintstones cartoons.

The Jetsons were known for their futuristic gadgets, but Fred Flintstone has one in the first Sunday (Saturday in Canada) comic in May 50 years ago. You can buy detectors than can warn you about police radar. Fred has the same thing. It doesn’t work in the May 6th comic, at least the way he hoped. The SNAP drawing of Fred has a George Nicholas-look to it; the wavy mouth was one of his trademarks. I really like the dinosaur family.

Ah, the grouchy Fred and Wilma are back on May 13th. Barney only appears in the top row that papers could drop. The artist (Harvey Eisenberg?) sure made Wilma look like she did in the animated series when she got annoyed.

I can’t find the first panels for the May 20th comic, and this is the most readable version I could find. I love the shaking Fred and Wilma drawing. Even the panel is jagged. And the idea of headphones on a house is wonderfully warped.

Some old favourites show up on May 27th. The Water Buffalo Lodge is here and it has a Stoneway piano. And a mounted water buffalo on the wall in the last panel as an added bit of detail. Nice to see a silhouette panel again. If I recall, Big Looie is an invention for the comic strip.

As usual, you can click on each comic to enlarge it.

Unfortunately, Baby Puss and Dino didn’t make appearances this month. Fortunately, neither did cutesy-poo Amber. We won’t be so lucky next month.

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  1. I noticed my local paper carried the weekday strip but I don't think they had the Sundays.