Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bob Givens Update

We mentioned last week that former Warners layout artist (and early Bugs Bunny model designer) Bob Givens was in hospital. Cartoon producer and former H-B writer Tony Benedict has had a visit with him this week and says Bob is up and around after his second operation in two months.

Bob's doing just fine and his mind is perfectly sharp at age 94.

Bob moved to Hanna-Barbera in 1958 after laying out cartoons in the McKimson unit in his second stint at Warners, and worked on The Quick Draw McGraw Show for a season.

My thanks to Tony for the update.


  1. Sure is! He was one pf the UNSUNG creators of Bugs Bunny, at least.Also wrote a few SNiffles shorts.Steve C.

  2. Last of the Mohicans, bless him. The anecdotes he shared in conversation posted online a couple years ago were really priceless views into the day to day in ye olde golden age.