Friday, 1 July 2011

Yogi Bear, Sunday, July 1961

Let’s check out what Yogi Bear was doing in the comics 50 years ago this month. Once again, the artwork is (I suspect) by Harvey Eisenberg. It’s a shame these black-and-white scans from photocopied newspapers don’t do it justice.

Ranger Smith never said anything bad about Boo Boo, so it seems a little out of character that he’d pick on Boo Boo in this cartoon from July 2 (July 1 in Canada; newspapers published on Saturdays, not Sundays).

The wealthy guy in the July 9 cartoon has the same build as Barney Rubble (nose excepted). I don’t understand why he’s got all that food when he obviously isn’t going to eat it. Yogi’s “cur” rhyme seems a little forced.

Gene Hazelton or whoever wrote the July 16 comic was obviously familiar with 14 Carrot Rabbit (1951), where Bugs Bunny gets a funny feeling whenever gold’s nearby, Yosemite Sam cons his way into a partnership with the rabbit, then grabs all the gold for himself. I’ll take the Bugs cartoon, thanks. You can’t duplicate that great animation of Bugs “feeling” gold in a couple of panels.

Augie Doggie drops in on July 23. Harvey loved having at least one panel with a character in silhouette and here he’s got some in black and another in white. I like that he varies the angle on Augie’s car.

Augie was not part of The Yogi Bear Show so this was his first appearance with Yogi. He made an appearance on the all-star ‘Yogi’s Birthday Party’ (with Doggie Daddy) but that didn’t air until October 2, 1961. I really like this comic because it has the feel of one of those cartoons-between-the-cartoons that ran on the Huck, Yogi and Quick Draw shows.

Some nice layouts highlight the comic from July 30. I like the varying perspective from panel to panel. Plot elements are familiar; the writer has borrowed pieces of the premises of Scooter Looter (1959), where Yogi accidentally starts a scooter on a wild ride and Loco Locomotive (1961), where Yogi takes the Jellystone kiddie train on a ride (this comic pre-dates the latter). Add in an element of Bewitched Bear (1960), where Yogi destroys the Ranger’s cabin and is forced to rebuild it.

As usual, the top row of panels is missing from all these comics. You can click on any of them to enlarge them.


  1. Harvey Eisenberg was my all time favorite Hanna-Barbera comic book artist! His work for the Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear and Quick Draw McGraw Dell comics is fantastic. His panels just seem to zip along like an animated short and his use of unusual perspectives was amazing. Love these Sunday comic strips as well as those he did with The Flintstones.

  2. I just LOVE WHEN YOU DO THIS, Yowp!

    Harvey Eisenberg had a knack for making the characters look better than that EVER did otherwise… comics, animation, what have you! And these particular comics were VERY MUCH evocative of the cartoons! Great stuff!