Sunday 17 July 2022

Jailhouse Yock

Remember the gag in Tex Avery’s The Peachy Cobbler (1950) where the elves hammered nails into each other’s butts? The same thing happens in one of the mini-cartoons that ended The Quick Draw McGraw Show.

The story has the characters on the show building a brick jailhouse for Quick Draw. Here’s the hammering set up, with Blabber painting on top of a ladder.

Here’s Doggie Daddy’s expression.

And Snooper’s expression. The saucer eyes are held for several frames.

Blabber falls off the ladder. It’s tough to tell with this frame recorded onto VHS but Blab leaves behind a face.

The end gag is cute and pretty much expected in a Quick Draw cartoon. The jail is built. The characters are all trapped inside. “How we get out? There is no door,” says Baba Looey. “Oh, I forgot about that,” admits Quick Draw—but they’ll be out in time for the next Quick Draw McGraw show.

Does anyone think these are Don Williams’ eyes?

Someone should be in that jailhouse because it’s crime the Quick Draw McGraw Show isn’t on home video. The 16mm footage that was dubbed onto these old VHS tapes must be around if the original negatives aren’t, and could easily be included as bonuses on a disc set if the original half-hours can’t be located.

I’m not holding out hope we’ll ever see a home release including these neat little treasures, but it’s good to know collectors have preserved some of them and are letting them be seen on-line. Thanks to Steve Hanson for this one.


  1. There is, of course, an earlier version of the multiple-nail-hammering-butt gag: Freleng's "Rhapsody in Rivets" (1941), and I'm sure there's earlier ones.

  2. Butt gags are nearly as old as animation itself.

  3. Quite so, E.O. I can't think of one in the '30s but I certainly haven't seen every cartoon made then.

  4. Hello, Yowp.
    Hanson has reuploaded this bumper in a better quality. The quality is so good you could see the cel shadows.