Sunday, 23 May 2021

Flintstones Weekend Comics, December 1964

Well, here it is December in Bedrock, and there’s no snow. In fact, there’s rain in one of the Sunday Flintstones comics in December 1964.

We get summer-time activities, too, including badminton and fishing. Plus Fred’s favourite sport, bowling.

The composition, as usual, is just great on these and the final panels are always a treat. They’re never crowded.

December 6th. Fine angles on Fred here. Betty makes an appearance. The opening panel's good, too, with Barney being rolled in mid-air by Bamm-Bamm, whose club is nearby on the ground.

December 13th. Again, the extra characters and props are a treat. I'm a sucker for volcanos. The "Game Reserve" panel has a silhouette car and dinosaurs in the background. Dig the angry creature at the end.

December 20th. A rocket-shaped Fred goes aloft when the pterodactyl grabs his fishing line. Love the fish.

December 27th. Gurp! And a swearing bird. And a sheepish Fred. All in the last panel. Admirable angle on the car in the opening panel. I think this may be Cathy's only appearance. I guess Fred's being cheap (as opposed to "cheep"), hence the egg-bowling ball.

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  1. A lot of life and movement in those strips. They're a joy just to look at.

  2. Look again, Yowp--Barney is not jumping over the fence, he's being tumbled by Bamm-Bamm.

    1. Gee, TCJ, you're right. I didn't notice all the motion lines. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Badminton.
    A very practiced sport in the southeast Asia.

  4. It's always a bit weird seeing a dinosaur breathe fire. I mean, dinosaurs and dragons aren't the same thing.

    Also, I like the pose on Barney in the eighth panel of the December 20th strip.